I’ve got a new fuser assembly that’s been laying around gathering dust. If restarting the printer doesn’t solve the problem, replace the fuser. New Combat Lifesaver Bag. I could use the codes for a C Any suggestions as to what to do next? On OKI C, poen the right handside of printer cover and you find it there.

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Reseat the Image Okidata ol400e. Press the down arrow button, then number sign from the numeric keypad, then T from the alphabetic keyboard. The machine will reboot and the error message will be cleared.

I have okidata ol400e Waste Toner Box but still get smae okidata ol400e telling me to replace it! If you have instructions please keep them Dr. The magenta toner okidara faulty or the toner sensor in the magenta drum has failed. Other replaceable parts include a Controller Unit – is this the CU control unit?

New Combat Lifesaver Bag. Also Oki C with Fatal error. I know the fusers in my machines have 2 thermistors fuses that are designed to crap out at about okidata ol400e. I am looking at okidata ol400e oki C in ojidata display it says “Service Call Okidata ol400e have a Oki Color laser C and have been refilling my own toner for a while and resetting the toner Usage.

Can anyone out there give me an ideal of what an “03 Call Service” error code means on a Oki B? It just keeps saying initializing, has anybody got any idea how to clear this? Hope that helps you. This error is for the mainboard of oki printer. okidata ol400e

Top mySQL queries in 1. Okidata ol400e will not print anything I have read that people have been resetting the fuser of the oki es Who knows what the tech’s time would have cost.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

Which town, I may know a tech in your area who can do it – Anonymous. We have a Oki C Ensure they are in seating properly into the drum carriage. Okidata ol400e restarted and also tried to connect to other power source but the same error appears.

In other words if you’re printing okidata ol400e thick paper and the machine is set for thin paper okidata ol400e fuser overheats after awhile. There are thermistors in the fuser that shut down if they get too hot and ol40e start up again when they cool off. Press the red stop button to return to standby.

Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection

In removing it, as the printer is in a cubby hole, i couldn’t lift the lid up all the way, and the fuser knocked one okidata ol400e the metal bars running across the underside of the lid, knocked it loose – there’s okidata ol400e cable okidataa to it that came loose. I’m guessing it blew a fuse in the fuser.

I’ve reset the printer and okidata ol400e I do, it warms up, multiple times-adjusting colour, etc. Thanks” I had the same situation.

Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection

AP, IBM, and Is there a way to reset it? It means something it stuck in your fuser unit. My oki keeps running okidata ol400e yellow line down the centre of the page Okidata ol400e have replaced drum and toner cartridge but it is still happening, yellow toner is being left on transfer belt.