I think maybe problem with the hard drive, but before i dismantle it i just want to ask an opinion from you,maybe there is other way to fix this.. I was stuck how to open the thing: Thanks so much for you help! I reinstalled the driver and deactivated it and activated it. I am sure they are busy but does the author ever check this thread?

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The one with the touch pad on it and the core 2 duo sticker which can be seen in this picture: When switching power on button the asus logo appears and maybe 5 to 7 seconds it turns off then asus d42jy appears again just like when it turns on asus x42jy turns off again asus x42jy again.

You can use another guide as an example: If it looks similar, most likely you can use the guide. Then it shuts off. A great responce, its is nice to get some good help thanks asus x42jy much. Asus x42jy is the best way to clear the fan on my laptop with some households material, assus vacuum cleaner?

Asus x42jy disconnect all cables found under the keyboard. I was just wondering whether you could asus x42jy provide instruction on how to replace the LCD screen on this model laptop.

My cooler remove heat from processor and graphics card.

Can you get that fixed? I need to get the top and bottom case separated so I can access the lcd asus x42jy motherboard cables. Take a closer look at the cover and look for any hidden asus x42jy. If not, how can I get to it? Asus x42jy that require the removal of the mother board? I have many LCD screen replacement guides on this site.

Is the tutorial applicable to my k40in?

How to disassemble Asus K series

Take a look at other guides to get asus x42jy idea. Grim, to answer your question, you need to remove the half round hinge covers first then remove x422jy screw on each hinge. Internet via the Ethernet cable works fine.

Which one is the motherboard? It has all those 5 screws you have mentioned.

Thanks so much for you help! Separate the top cover assembly from the bottom cover. Is it alright if I keep on restarting the cmos forever? I want to sell the laptop but without the covers it just looks bad. Yet, the slot on the board asus x42jy you remove the bottom cover only holds one memory chip. This here site is such a great help! asus x42jy

Do I need to open it from beneath and do all the steps you asus x42jy showed or is there a asus x42jy to open it from the front. Until two weeks ago it was working find. The motherboard is the main circuit board in the laptop.

asus x42jy I just want to ask you: I have a dead K40IN, The layout is almost exactly the same — it has 2 spring clips holding in 2 removable ddr2 ram modules. When I Skype Asus x42jy asue upside down.

Bedienungsanleitungen für Asus – Notebooks

Search for a new DC jack on eBay using your laptop model number. The cooling fan is located under the bottom cover and can be easily removed. Dear asus x42jy, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up asus x42jy running.

Thank x42jj so much!

How to disassemble Asus K series – Inside my laptop

What do I have to look for when buying a new one what specifications besides what size GB I want? Thanks worked on a K60 to replace my hard drive. Unfortunately i have managed to get a dvd stuck inside the asus x42jy not the dvd drive How i can i get this out in the simplest way?

Asus x42jy internal webcam is installed upside down. That seems like a big project asus x42jy I think I can handle. Test it with an external monitor. Take a look at this guide for Asus K53U. Is there a fuse on the motherboard for this laptop?

Hi, could you help me how can I repair the touch pad?

Bedienungsanleitung Asus Notebooks – Handbücher – Anleitung – Gebrauchsanweisung

Thank you very much for the help. I think you disassemble the asus x42jy as it shown in s42jy guide. I am hoping the GPU is in the same location.